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The Slime Prince no longer wants to hurt humans, he wants to be friends with them, but how will his father, the Slime King react?

This game was made for GMTK Game Jam 2018,

Theme: Genre - Without Mechanic. Our game is based on a roguelike, with randomly generated levels & permadeath, but you cannot fight the enemies & must evade them instead.


  • Chris McHugh - Code, 3D Art, Textures
  • Josephine Andrews - Code, UI, Writing
  • Keith O'Malley - Code, Music, 3D Art

Third-party assets

  • Epic Toon FX - Developed by Kenneth "Archanor" Foldal Moe, licensed to Josephine Andrews (Malteaser)
  • DirectX11 Grass Shader - Developed by StixGames, licensed to Chris McHugh (r00k13)
  • Fungus - Developed by Snozbot, open source
  • Yippy Kawaii - Developed by Suriyun, licensed to Josephine Andrews (Malteaser)


SlimeCrisis_Windows.zip 35 MB


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Gave it a 5 minute go. But couldn't for the life of me find my way through the second level. I really like the aesthetic and the little intro... with skip-able dialogue! Nice! But once I realised I could run it was very easy to evade the guards, the only problem being that I couldn't find my way as everything looked very similar.

One other thing that felt a bit off was that the Slime Prince carved pretty wide circles when you turned him around, I guess this was to make it harder? But it just felt a bit off.

Oh yeah and the camera snapping from screen to screen felt and looked great!.